Optimise With Citrix



Before you upgrade your network, come and see how simple it is to the optimise performance of new or existing infrastructure...

In this exclusive pair of Citrix events, DiverseIT clients who have recently trialled the Virtual WAN and NetScaler ADC appliances will discuss the results achieved on their networks.


Ignite Sundowner

What happens in Vegas, usually stays in Vegas... But not in this case.

Palo Alto Networks hosted their famous Ignite security conference in Las Vegas on the 30th of March 2015. Ignite is where some of the world's toughest security challenges get solved!
We know not everyone can justify a trip to Vegas right now, so we did the dirty work for you! DiverseIT sent a team to get their hands dirty on all the newest next generation security technologies. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!


DiverseIT’s Lunch & Learn Summer Series



DiverseIT’s Lunch & Learn Summer Series is a forum for everyone passionate about IT to come together, share a lunch and discuss industry trends, tech and innovation. The lunches will be held DiverseIT’s offices in East Perth starting at 12pm.

Come along and talk tech to people whose eyes don’t glaze over!


Edu-IT 2014

Edu-IT is an annual conference held over 2 days which explores the use of technology in an education setting. This event caters to a wide audience of teachers, technical staff and school leadership.

DiverseIT CEO, Andrew Karantzis will be presenting on Day 1 at 1120am on The Future of School Networks. Join Andrew in the room Preston 3 as he explores:


    •    The changing landscape of education technology & networks
    •    How to keep students & networks safe without degrading performance
    •    Visibility to address duty of care, student productivity & security
    •    Becoming BYOD ready with gigabit wireless


User to App Optimisation

Today’s business critical applications require high levels of up-time and security. Whether the applications live within the bounds of the organisation or hosted externally, all require seamless connectivity and high security.

Join DiverseIT and our partner A10 Networks for a Sundowner focusing on application layer networking to assure user-to-application connectivity is available, accelerated and secure.


DiverseIT at AusAsia MinTech

DiverseIT are excited to be taking part in this years AusAsia MinTech in Perth from August 26th-27th.

AusAsia MinTech is promising to be the biggest event in the APAC region to focus on technological, infrastructure and investment success in the mining sector.


BYOD & Unified Communications Discussion

Join Diverse IT for our first event for 2014, which will be an interactive discussion with your peers focusing on ways to develop a secure and manageable BYOD and Unified Communications Strategy. Issues to be exlpored include:

  • How to manage BYOD
  • How to secure BYOD
  • How to deliver content and applications
  • How to address employee privacy concerns

Security Breakfast

Diverse IT Security Breakfast
Join us for breakfast at Printhall on Nov. 27 to discuss DDoS attack prevention.

A 2013 security report found that Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks were amongst the most popular attack vectors used by cyber criminals – with 32% of organisations surveyed, falling victim to them. During a DDoS attack, a businesses servers are bombarded with connection requests, which prevent the site from accepting new, legitimate requests and eventually taking the site off-line. The attack in itself can be very disruptive and costly to a business using up valuable resources in halting the attack and recovering afterwards. DDoS attacks can also be used as a decoy to occupy security resources while another attack is being carried out in another area. While IT and Security staff are fighting one fire, a potentially more hazardous one is starting somewhere else but they can’t see it!

Join Diverse IT and A10 as we discuss the measures that can be taken to prevent DDoS attacks and minimize the associated downtime. A delicious breakfast will be provided in the luxurious surrounds of the Chairman’s Office at PrintHall.

Is there a better way to start your Wednesday morning?


Diverse IT at Edu-IT

Edu-IT is for educators investigating the use of technology in the classroom and for ICT Managers and Support staff looking to better support their schools. There are a number of half day workshops which will give you great ideas for implementing technology in the classroom as well as the opportunity to create learning resources for your classes.

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