At DiverseIT we understand that you want your IT to just work and we strive to deliver fast and efficient IT that is secure and maintains business continuity. We achieve this by bringing together a deep understanding of global best-of-breed technology and expertise of our passionate team.


Since 2000, DiverseIT has been providing Australian businesses and government agencies with premium IT solutions and services. Our areas of expertise include Data & Network Security, Wireless Networks, Next Generation Communications, IT Support & Managed Services, Communications Infrastrucutre and Cloud Computing.






When operating in an interconnected global business ecosystem, security is no longer an IT challenge but a BUSINESS IMPERATIVE.


Safeguarding the integrity of your IT network and privacy of content from today's threats, is a job for the DiverseIT.

Our layered security solutions incorporate the world's most robust security technologies to protect your most important assets. Mobility and BYOD bring unique security challenges to each organization and DiverseIT is well versed in securing these ecosystems. With a wealth of security experience, you can trust DiverseIT to secure your business.

Benefits to you

  • Compliance: Ensure compliance and data confidentiality
  • Reduce Risk: Manage risk associated with emerging business enabling technology
  • Reduce Vulnerability: Protection from insider threats as well as external cyber criminals
  • Increase Visibility: Observe network activity and user behavior

Solutions available through Diverse IT

  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Identification and protection from Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and Zero-Day attacks
  • Database Security/File Server Security
  • End-point Security
  • DDoS Identification and Mitigation
  • Disaster Recovery


Knowledge is Power!

By sharing our knowledge and increasing awareness of various cyber trends and technologies, we aim to facilitate the growth of a secuirty conscious community. We hold events and information sessions throughout the year that help you and your team become better equipped to defend your network. Check out what's coming up on the DiverseIT event calender to get involved!


DiverseIT are a dynamic and nimble organization which is just what you need when you are defending your business from an ever evolving threat landscape.

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Secure Wireless Solutions

With WA’s leading wireless specialists, DiverseIT can design and implement innovative, integrated wireless networks. Our team has experience gained as a result of working with an impressive list of enterprise, resource and government clients.


DiverseIT's wireless specialists can provide fast, efficient and reliable connectivity in the most challenging environments, including remote sites and temporary & permanent implementations. Security is vital to wireless networking. DiverseIT has provided security solutions for over 14 years and this background enables us to take an experienced security perspective to every solution we recommend.

Benefits of Wireless

  • Connect Anywhere: Connectivity where wired solutions are unavailable or impractical
  • Flexible: Increase flexibility and collaboration
  • Scalable: Easier network expansion
  • Control: Easier and more controlled guest access
  • Secure: BYOD ready your business, securely, with DiverseIT

Our Wireless services include

  • Wireless MESH networks
  • Back Haul and Point to Multi Point
  • WiFi and Spectrum Surveys
  • Solar Powered Repeater Systems
  • High Rise, tower Rigging
  • Structure Services & Fit-outs
  • Point to point laser technology
  • Licensed & Unlicensed Spectrum

DiverseIT is here to help at every stage of the process in order that you achieve reliable and secure wireless connectivity. From Planning through to Installation, your Wireless project will benefit from experience that is unmatched in Australia. DiverseIT Project Management services ensure maintenance and support requirements are met and included in project planning to provide backup, problem solving and assistance post-implementation.

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Next Generation Communications Solutions

Are your communications based on expired technology? Embrace richer and more secure Next Generation Communications with DiverseIT!


"Recent technological convergence has allowed richer communication to be more efficient and achievable. The disruptive and dynamic environment that has permitted convergence can be better navigated when guided by people that you can trust."

DiverseIT has been providing innovative & reliable communications solutions to Australian businesses for over 14 years. Our understanding of, and commitment to, network security is our point of difference and we consider the operation and security of your entire network when making recommendations.

We offer an end-to-end service from planning, design, construction and installation through to operations and support. DiverseIT management services ensure that maintenance and support requirements are integrated into project planning to provide backup, problem solving and assistance post-implementation. We offer a range of on-site and remote support structures for maintaining, updating and enhancing infrastructure.

The DiverseIT Next Generation Communications Team are experienced in delivering solutions for the most challenging, complex and integrated projects, typically required by mining and oil & gas companies.

Our Communications solutions include:

  • DMR Solutions
  • Tetra
  • APCO P25
  • ROIP
  • LTE
  • Analogue Communication


  • Network Architecture
  • Electrical
  • Structured Cabling
  • Unified Comms (Data, voice, video)
  • Audiovisual and rebroadcast
  • Tower Maintenance and Painting
  • Tower Construction
  • Structual Analysis and Upgrade of Existing Structures
  • Telecommunications Rigging
  • Antenna Mount Design, Supply and Install
  • Data Centres
  • Disaster Recovery Centres


  • Antenna Feeder, Install and Sweeping
  • Link Leasing
  • Ongoing Maintenance, Inspection and Testing Services
  • Satellite Communication
  • Wireless MESH (Fixed and Mobile)
  • Autonomous Wireless Solutions
  • LAD-SAF Inspections
  • Microwave Links (PTP/PTMP/Licensed)
  • Leaky Feeder
  • Solar Power/DC Solutions
  • Multi-Site Communications Integration
  • Digital to IP Migration Solutions
  • Solar Powered Mobile Trailer Platforms
  • DiverseSat Mobile, Ruggedised Platforms
  • Entertainment Systems and TV (Camps and Village Facilities)

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DiverseSat Remote Communications Solutions

Remote communications don't have to cost you the earth. With fixed and mobile solutions, DiverseSat can provide cost effective, secure, high speed voice, data, internet and video communications where you need them!


Built from the ground up specifically for the resources sector, DiverseSat Remote Communications Solutions enable connectivity anywhere in Australia. Solutions include permanent fixed antennas and easy to use mobile platforms. Mobile platforms feature auto-pointing 'no-technician required' antennas that can save up to $10000 each time the satellite dish requires repositioning.

Benefits of DiverseSat Mobile Solutions

  • Fast & reliable: Push-button deployment for voice and data connectivity
  • Cost Effective: No investment in permanent or semi-permanent infrastructure required
  • Portable: Completely portable solutions that you can move whenever required without any specialist personnel – saving up to $10,000 each time repositioning is required
  • Robust: Ruggedised construction enables DiverseSat to be taken almost anywhere, providing voice and data in the remotest parts of Australia!
  • Versitile: DiverseSat can be used as a back-up communications solution in the event of failure of permanent communications infrastructure in remote locations
  • User friendly: DiverseSat's mobile solutions are easy to use and easy to transport, saving you time and money!


DiverseSat Ruggedized Communications Platform

DiverseSat Ruggedized Platform is a towable solution that can go almost anywhere. Ruggedized construction and independent suspension allow access through some of Australia's roughest terrain and double skinned hardware housing protects equipment from the elements.

Key Features:

  • Ruggedized construction to handle Australian conditions
  • Independent suspension allowing access through some of the toughest terrain
  • Completely sealed units protect and weather-proof hardware
  • Cooling system to ensure optimal performance in the hot Australian Outback
  • Auto-pointing satellite system
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Height/Weight Compliant
  • Braking system included on trailer
  • Options for integrated WiFi for fast & reliable connectivity

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DiverseSat Communications Skid

DiverseSat Communications Skid is a portable platform that can be picked up and transported as often as required, providing reliable connectivity where permanent infrastructure is not present or impractical.

Key Features:

  • Ruggedized PFC construction
  • Heavy duty leveling jacks
  • Completely sealed units protect and weather-proof hardware
  • Cooling system to ensure optimal performance in the hot Australian Outback
  • Auto-pointing satellite system
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Options for integrated WiFi for fast & reliable connectivity

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Secure Cloud Solutions

Cost, business size and internal expertise are no longer barriers to taking advantage of the best in enterprise technology. Talk to us about DiverseIT Managed Services and Cloud Solutions.


At DiverseIT, we have a simple philosophy about Cloud... Everything as a Service (EAAS).

DiverseIT pioneers a ground up approach to the use of Cloud; we are fortunate enough to own our own hardware and Internet connections which guarantees controlled quality across deployed cloud solutions.

Our Cloud solutions include:

  • Desktop and Service Hosting services
  • Application hosting services
  • Backup business continuity systems and fault tolerance
  • Document Management Systems
  • Telephone and Video Conferencing systems

Benefits of Cloud:

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Enhance scalability

As your business changes, operation and storage needs can fluctuate resulting in excesses or shortages in capacity. Moving functions to the DiverseIT cloud means that as your needs change, so does your IT.

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Mitigate risk

The DiverseIT cloud optimizes business continuity by hosting and backing up your operations in a secure and safe location.

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Having access to the latest and most robust technology enables you to protect your most important data assets. Allow us to worry about the up-dates, so that you are always using the newest and most secure applications.

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Collaborate efficiently

By using the DiverseIT cloud, your team can enjoy greater flexibility in accessing their work from anywhere at anytime. This enables more efficient collaboration by overcoming geographic and time barriers among your work force.

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Reduce your IT costs

As a host for your business applications, the DiverseIT cloud can reduce the strain on your internal resources including IT staff, hardware and software.

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Managed Services

Our complete managed services include the planning and implementation of ICT strategy, provision and maintenance of infrastructure, and support that enables you to focus on your core competencies.


The objective of our Managed Services is to reduce costs and increase productivity of our clients through a fixed rate per user model with no extra costs. Our complete Managed Services include the planning and implementation of ICT strategy, provision and maintenance of infrastructure, and support that enables you to focus on your core competencies.

Benefits of our Managed Service:

  • Proactive: IT Management from independent specialists.
  • Cost effective: Benefit from enterprise technology without the heft capital investment.
  • Reduce risk: Fixed rate model helps you plan your IT investment.
  • Support: Integrated service desk, problem management and change management services available.

Diverse IT's Managed Services include:

  • Strategy: DiverseIT works with you to understand your business drivers and plan ICT that enables your business goals. Our proactive approach to strategy means that it is an ongoing process in order to maximize your ROI and future-proof your business.

  • Infrastructure Management (Internal & External): The size of your business or a lack of internal expertise is no longer a barrier to adopting the best technology available when it comes to networks, data, servers, storage and security. Known for bullish adoption of best-of-breed technology, DiverseIT offer facilities management and hosting services for you to realize the benefits of enterprise technology with the costs. The fixed rate model means that your IT investment is a predictable operating cost as opposed to hefty capital expense.

  • Network Management & Monitoring: DiverseIT are able to provision, operate, maintain and monitor your IT networks. As leader in enterprise security, we have the expertise to protect your networks and support BYOD networks.

  • Support: Intergrated services desk, problem management and change management services are available to support your ICT environment. With a team of Australia's most skilled IT and infrastructure gurus, we are able to continually meet and exceed the expectations of our clients

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Help Desk

Let DiverseIT take care of your everyday IT headaches and allow your internal resources to focus on your core business.


DiverseIT Help Desk combines awesome customer service with IT support from some of Australia's most talented and passionate IT gurus!

Benefits of outsourcing your help desk:

  • Strategic: Free up internal IT resources to build and assist your core business.
  • Increase Flexibility: By reducing fixed costs associated with maintaining an internal help desk, you can save money while improving the level of service.
  • Efficiency: Our technicians deal with these tasks every day and this specialization enables them to be resolved in the most efficient manner.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Increase employee satisfaction and self-efficacy by removing the burden of menial IT tasks. Also, rest assured that fluctuations in service requirements will not put strain on your internal resources.

Why us?

  • We provide a level of support and maintenance tailored to your business and your budget.
  • We employ some of Australia's most talented IT geeks who strive to exceed client expectations both technically and in customer service.
  • Comprehensive SLA to suit your organizations needs and expectations.

Our customer focus is reflected in every interaction with your business – from the design of the Service Level Agreement that best suits your organization to the helpful advice and support that our IT experts provide.

Features of the DiverseIT help desk:

  • Remote and Onsite Support
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Service and response time assured in the Service Level Agreement
  • Full managed automated ticketing system
  • Integration into network
  • Cost efficient plan
  • Optional monitoring of servers and infrastructure
  • ITIL & ISO compliant

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IT Infrastructure

DiverseIT has over 10 years experience in remote and connected communications infrastructure. With professional technicians and engineers positioned across Australia, we are ready for any project!


DiverseIT provides comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions.
This includes the planning, design, implementation and management of servers, storage hardware, wired or wireless networks, firewalls, desktop computers and backup systems.
Our team applies the latest proven cutting-edge technology to solve our clients IT infrastructure problems. We specialise in consolidating our client’s current infrastructure to improve their efficiency using virtualisation, which allows clients to move from many servers to just a few.
We supply, design and support Unix/Linux, Windows and Apple platforms.


If you would like to know more about any of DiverseIT's services, get in touch!