Bringing together people and technology to improve your business performance and maximize your return on investment.




Our diverse backgrounds and experience means that we can help and advise on a wide range of ICT technology and infrastructure solutions.

DiverseIT employ and actively foster the development of some of Australia's most talented technology gurus.

"At Diverse IT we believe that happy employees provide better service."

Through internal initiatives such as Diverse University, we encourage knowledge transfer and continuous professional development. This results in employees who have a more thorough and wider reaching knowledge base and who are more satisfied.

We recruit employees with a genuine passion for ICT and technology and provide a fun and supportive environment for that passion to grow. Win-Win!



Our commitment to best-of-breed technology means that we can bring the best solutions from around the globe to address your IT requirements.

Technology changes and evolves at a startling pace. Our team has a passion for new technology, which ensures that DiverseIT stay nimble and responsive to the dynamic environment we operate in.


Client Performance: DiverseIT strives to deliver fast, efficient and secure IT solutions to improve performance of client businesses.

Our Performance: We are able to deliver these improvements to client performance by:

  • tickEnsuring communications, applications and data can be accessed by your stakeholders to assist them to be fully effective.
  • tickLowering operational costs and improving efficiency of business processes
  • tickSupporting service delivery with a proactive help desk support model
  • tickMaintaining maximum security
  • tickEnsuring business continuity
  • tickIncorporating disaster recovery and backup solutions


David Cameron

David Cameron

Managing Director

Operation of the company is overseen by David Cameron as MD. David has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, including Board level roles as a co-founder and Director of Datacom in Western Australia, Director of Cirrus Networks and management roles at VMWare. David joined the company in 2014 tasked with building on existing technical expertise and services, introducing new complimentary lines of business, and driving both efficiency & quality at DiverseIT.


Luke Notley

Luke Notley

Chief Technology Officer

Luke has over 17 years' experience including senior roles in infrastructure and solutions architecture within defence, financial and telecommunications sectors before founding Red Ember Solutions, acquired by DiverseIT in 2014. Luke is instrumental in developing DiverseIT’s cloud capabilities, leveraging his expertise in security, architecture; cloud; disaster recovery and business continuity. Luke's role as CTO is to maintain a finger on the pulse of all technologies Cloud and security, ensuring our clients benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Mark Jones

Mark Jones

Chief Security Officer

Mark has over 20 years' experience including senior security management roles within the resource, insurance, finance and telecommunications sectors at national and international levels. Mark provides a client’s perspective on security, with a CSO’s insight, providing a better outcome for our clients by driving our security strategy and services, allowing clients to gain a holistic view of security.

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Susan Coyle

Financial Controller

DiverseIT's finances are managed by Susan, who’s background includes large multinational resource, manufacturing and IT supply sectors. With over 10 years of experience in finance, Susan makes sure our customers have the visibility they need to make informed decisions about their investment in IT services, and assurance they have chosen the right provider.